Nomad Ecovillage - Our story

It all started with an ambitious dream.

A dream to meet, work and live with like-minded people to deliver authentic ecotourism experiences, handmade workshops and educational programmes to everyone seeking it.

After travelling the world for over a decade to discover new places and understand different cultures, our life paths crossed in a time of worldwide crisis and we felt like we finally found our tribe. We found each other and others like us, in the place we least expected it – in our own backyard, in Romania. Together we created the first mobile ecovillage we are aware of.

We are Nomad Ecovillage and our goal is to live in perfect harmony with the environment – while using the benefits of the technology for sustainable living – and share it with the world!

Come and experience the first mobile ecovillage we are aware of!

What is an ecovillage?

- The concept -

An ecovillage is a traditional or intentional community created to become socially, culturally, economically and ecologically sustainable. The community strives to produce the least possible negative impact on the natural environment through ecological building and materials, as well as responsible member behaviour.

Our goals are to encourage our community members and guests to experience and live a sustainable and responsible life in harmony with the environment.

We aim to create value and epic experiences for those who visit our nomad community.

We are members ourselves and we strive to empathize with the other residents by understanding their needs and desires.

At Nomad Ecovillage we offer opportunities to live, learn and cooperate with people from different cultural and social backgrounds. We aim to encourage our members to actively participate in the development of a community based on understanding, intercultural respect and care for the environment.

A glimpse of our Nomad Ecovillage

Sustainability, community living & beyond

The members of the community (including guests staying in the ecovillage) are generally united by the same ecological, social, economic, cultural and spiritual principles. In other words, the “eco-locals” are looking for alternatives that help them live in perfect harmony with the world around them. 
Most members intend to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle while constantly making conscious efforts to avoid waste and unnecessary consumerism, excessive dependence on fossil fuels and genetically modified food. Moreover, they strive to make conscious choices that are not only harmless for the environment but also contribute to the regeneration of the environment.

This is what we have prepared for you:

Seasonal accommodation and community living

  • Glamping tents and domes
  • Food truck
  • Ecological toilets and washing facilities (composting toilets)
  • Mobile souvenir shop
  • Reception, meeting/seminar room

Educational programmes, arts & crafts workshops, team building and corporate events

  • Educational center
  • Yoga and dance classes
  • Teambuilding facilities
  • Arts & crafts, DIY and local expert-led workshops
  • Music
  • Ecological agriculture & permaculture/ greenhouses
  • Eco-volunteer programmes

Why Choose Us

Whether you want to book an authentic accommodation in a remote natural setting, participate in a yoga retreat or even live in our nomad community, you are in the right place!

Local gastronomy, culture and traditions

Million-star, ecofriendly accommodation

Hiking tours to explore the surroundings

Members of the community who call this ecovillage “home”

When visiting Nomad Ecovillage, you will find:

One of a kind accommodation

Breathtaking views


Are you ready for an exciting off-the-grid experience?

Join our community and be part of the change!

Drop us a message and plan your next getaway today!



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